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  1. Portable Craft light (Ref: SPO-SB9483)
  2. Purple Seam Allowance Guide Magnet (Ref: SAGM-PURPLE)
  3. Black Seam Allowance Guide Magnet (Ref: SAGM-BLACK)
  4. Blue Seam Allowance Guide Magnet (Ref: SAGM-BLUE)
  5. Red Seam Allowance Guide Magnet (Ref: SAGM-RED-)
  6. Clip on LED Flexi Lite (Ref: CLIPPY)
  7. MAGniloupe clamp-on LED magnifie (Ref: D25070)
  8. Lowery Workstand In Stainless Steel with SIDE Clamp (Ref: SPO-LWSS1)


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Needle Felting ToolNeedle Felting Tool Ref: DWFN1
Needle Felting Tool Click here for larger image

Price: 8.45 (Including VAT at 20%)


Felting BrushFelting Brush Ref: DWBR3
Felting Brush Click here for larger image

Price: 8.95 (Including VAT at 20%)


Felting Needle Tool

Felting Needle Tool
Ref: 8900
This great tool makes needle felting quick and easy!
Use the Clover Felting Needle Tool to make wonderful appliqués or to felt fabric or wool yarn. It consists of five spring activated barbed needles that catch the wool fibers and push them into the base fabric. The result is permanent and is quick, easy and fun to do.
There is a safety locking device, and a cover for the needles when not in use. No thread or glue needed! Replacement needles available

Click here for larger image

Price: 12.50 (Including VAT at 20%)


Pen Style Needle Felting Tool

Pen Style Needle Felting Tool
Ref: 8901
For small and delicate felt projects using 1, 2 or 3 needles. Use 1 needle for delicate work. Use 2 needles for creating lines and outlines. Use 3 needles for a quick finish! This tool has a free attachment for using with the Needle felting Applique molds Click here for larger image

Price: 9.76 (Including VAT at 20%)


Felting tool replacement needles

Felting tool replacement needles
Ref: 890x
Replacement needles, fine or heavy, for the Clover 5 needle felting tool. The tool itself comes with fine needles

Price: 5.75 (Including VAT at 20%)

Select Fine or Heavy Needles
Fine Needles Ref 8905   
Heavy Needles Ref 8906   


Felting Mat

Felting Mat
Ref: 891x
The perfect mat for needle felting

The brush-like mat enables smooth punching with little resistance, and allows the fibers of the appliqué to become well meshed with the basic fabric. Ensures that the needle points don't get damaged.
Small Mat: 9cm x 7cm.
Large Mat: 13cm x 9cm.
Click here for larger image.

Select Mat Size
Small Mat 9cm x 7cm Ref: 8910 6.62 Excluding VAT
LargeMat 8cm x 13cm Ref: 8911 10.79 Excluding VAT


Felting Applique Mold

Felting Applique Mold
Ref: 892x
The Needle Felting Applique Molds can be used directly to your project or worked onto the mat to be joined for 3-Dimensional design and applique. Available in 3 designs; Daisy, Pansy or Rose. Note: This tool is for using with the Pen Style felting needle, available separately
Click here to see the designs

Price: 4.75 (Including VAT at 20%)

Select Design
Rose Ref: 8921   
Pansy Ref: 8922   
Daisy Ref: 8923   


Online Catalogue | Knitting and Crochet | Knitting and Felting Accessories  |  Felting