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Knitting Looms& Blocking Board

Online Catalogue | Knitting and Crochet |  Knitting Looms& Blocking Board

Crochet & Knitting Blocking Board

Crochet & Knitting Blocking Board

Ref: 251905

Price: 18.95 (Including VAT at 20%)


Crochet and Knitting blocking board 30x 30 x2cms (11.8" x .8) with 12 pins

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Flower Loom

Flower Loom

Ref: 3146

Price: 12.76 (Including VAT at 20%)


Create beautiful fun-flowers with wool, yarn, ribbon or raffia. This loom has 6 different shapes and sizes that you can combine to make fabulous flowers.

It is the perfect embellishing tool for all ages. The flowers can be joined together to make beautiful cushions, trimmings, and bags. All Clover things come with excellent instructions.

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Circular Knitting Loom Set

Circular Knitting Loom Set
Ref: T1950
Do you enjoy French Knitting? Then you'll love this knitting loom. You can make scarves, hats, mats - in fact anything that you can construct from tubuler knitting - even a skirt for a grand daughter! Kit consusts of 4 different size looms 14cm, 19cm, 24cm, 29cm Easy to follow instructions included. Strong zip lock storage bag. Soft grip loom pick and yarn needle included

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Price: 15.65 (Including VAT at 20%)


Online Catalogue | Knitting and Crochet |  Knitting Looms& Blocking Board