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Nova Interchangeable Tips

Nova Interchangeable Tips

Ref: K104xx

Knit pro Interchangeable needles.
These are composed of TIPS and CABLES.
The tips are the pointed ends of the needles. The cables provide the length.
You screw a cable length (fine flexible length) into the hollow end of the tip thus making a circular needle. Knit in the usual way (turning after each row).

The system enables you to have different sizes of needles in different lengths.
The super smooth silky surface of these Nova metal tips ensures the stitches slide effortlessly. They have sharp, gradually tapered points and are strong and durable. They are constructed from hollow brass pipes that make them lightweight, which allows hours of comfortable knitting. Using this system of interchangeable needles has big advantages while you are knitting. No long needles to contend with - great for anyone sitting beside you! The weight of your knitting can be in your lap instead of on the ends of the needles. No more big bundles of needles in all sizes and lengths. Easily change from one size needle to another, securing your knitting on the cable while you change. See also Cables. These tips are compatible with the 60, 80, 100 and 120 cms cables.

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