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New Products:

  1. 14" Embroidery hoop (Ref: EH14)
  2. Clip-on Magnifier (Ref: CM1)
  3. Pink A1 Cutting Mat (Ref: CB1P)
  4. Pink A2 Cutting Mat (Ref: CB2P)
  5. Pink A3 Cutting Mat (Ref: CB3P)
  6. Pink A4 Cutting Mat (Ref: CB4P)

Sewing Quilting and Craft Exhibitions Coleshil Accessories are attending in Autumn 2015

Festival of Quilts - NEC - 6th-9th August

Stitching,Sewing and Hobbycrafts - Westpoint Exeter - 24th-27th September

The Knitting &Stitching Show - Alexander Palace - 7th-11th October

Stitching,Sewing and Hobbycrafts - NEC - 5th-8th November

The Knitting and Stitching Show - RDS Dublin - 12th-15th November

The Knitting and Stitching Show - Harrogate Int Centre -26th-29th November