Master Seat Stand with wooden clamp.
Master Seat Stand with wooden clamp.  Ref: SEAT1
SEAT1 wooden seat stand With this unique frame holder, you can sit back comfortably in your armchair or on the sofa, with your back supported, and have your frame held securely, simply by sitting on the base of this cleverly jointed holder. It will hold any frame - wooden roller frame, embroidery hoop, plastic Able frame, quilting hoop etc. in any size and you can adjust the angle to suit yourself. It's easy to get to the back of your work. Just lift your frame up and over in one easy movement, darn in your threads and turn it back again. This frame holder does the job of a floor frame without the disadvantage of bulk and its easy 'up and over' action is unique. It is compact in use, folds completely flat for storage and is lightweight for travelling.

This frame holder is absolutely brilliant, I've used it with both small and very large Able Stretchers and now wouldn't be without it. It even works a
treat when I'm sitting in my bed stitching! I have arthritis in my wrists and fingers so it is a blessing not having to worry about holding the frame.
I bought this stand at an exhibition. I have found it absolutely invaluable, I no longer get aching arms and hands when I have a large frame to work
with, and having both hands free makes life so much simpler. Fantastic piece of design!
Jean Edwards. Derbyshire