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New Products:

  1. Portable Craft light (Ref: SPO-SB9483)
  2. Purple Seam Allowance Guide Magnet (Ref: SAGM-PURPLE)
  3. Black Seam Allowance Guide Magnet (Ref: SAGM-BLACK)
  4. Blue Seam Allowance Guide Magnet (Ref: SAGM-BLUE)
  5. Red Seam Allowance Guide Magnet (Ref: SAGM-RED-)
  6. Clip on LED Flexi Lite (Ref: CLIPPY)
  7. MAGniloupe clamp-on LED magnifie (Ref: D25070)
  8. Lowery Workstand In Stainless Steel with SIDE Clamp (Ref: SPO-LWSS1)

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